We approach taking care of animals in the same way we would approach taking care of children. Our pets are precious to us and are totally dependent on us for their health, happiness and all around well-being. We set no time limits on caring for your pets. Some pets require more attention than others, and Pat's Petsitting is going to do whatever it takes to see that each pet is taken care of and given lots of love and attention. We are the next best companions to your pets. We come to your "children" and sustain the safe, happy environment they are use to.

Finally your pets can relax
 knowing that someone they know and trust
 is watching them while you're away!

   If you remove your pet from its regular environment, your pet's behavior will change. Being placed in a small cage with no one to interact with. Leaving your pet  in its own environment with a caring, attentive pet sitter is the healthiest, safest choice.

The Advantages of Petsitting Over Kennels

Pat's Petsitting

  • Cheaper

  • No Travel for Pet (Calm)

  • Bonding with Pet

  • Pets in their Own Environment

  • Special Attention to Each Pet

  • No Exposure to Diseases, Fleas, Ticks, or other Parasites

  • Clean

  • Free to Roam



  • Expensive

  • Travel for Pet (Upsetting)

  • No Bonding with Pet

  • Pets Out of their Environment

  • Impersonal

  • Exposure to Fleas, Ticks, and Diseases from Other Animals

  • Not Clean

  • Confined to Cage


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